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Five lucky people from across the region are now being given the chance of a much needed helping hand to see through their ’s resolutions.

Lifestyle Engineer Sheila Granger is giving out hypnotherapy programmes along with a training course – more vital than £3,000 overall – to five deserving people to match the top five ’s resolutions.

It’s being launched today to coincide with World Hypnotism Day, a worldwide celebration of the growing field of clinical hypnosis, which is now recognised around the globe for its tangible assistance to health and wellbeing.

The top five ’s resolutions are to cut down on alcohol intake, stop , lose weight, de-stress and learn something new.

In the last five years Sheila Granger helps more than 700 people from around the globe shed greater than 32 tonnes of excess weight, she’s helped more than 100 people to give up and has trained more than 50 individuals to be hypnotherapists.

Her services include the world-renowned gastric-band hypnosis sessions to help people slim down, a service that has clinical backing, a course to help people drink less alcohol, one targeted at people who want to de-stress and another, which matches the fifth most popular ’s resolution, which has been specifically made to give people the commitment and dedication to learn something totally new.

Sheila said: “With the comes the same commitments that people make, drink less, quit , slim down, learn something totally new or reduce stress – they are the top five New Years’ resolutions year in and year out.

“A lot of people succeed but few for over a few weeks. Generally around 25 per cent give up trying after less than a week, and that drops to well above half as soon as the month is out.

“My services give people the understanding to make lifestyle changes which are permanent. There are, and can be no quick fixes but with the best frame of mind, people can make the changes that provide them a healthier and happier life. There is no tomfoolery, this can be a very serious and life-changing technique which makes positive differences to thousands of people across the world.”

Sheila has made the pledge to give away a free session of each Lifestyle Programme to five people in total in a bid to celebrate the New Year.

She has asked that people contact her to nominate themselves by telling her what they have done to help someone else through 2013. People can also nominate a friend or relative who they think needs some assistance and is worthy of the free session.

“I was thinking about what to do to mark the New Year, and I got considering my very own resolution, and if I was will make one. I decided that I would be more philanthropic in 2014, to give more back to the community and to charities,” she said.

“And I figured to start the year I would give away these sessions to help people stick to their own resolutions and would thus be sticking to mine throughout the five programmes. However, rather than just picking someone at random I figured it would be nice to give something to someone who is deserving.

“I will be taking entries and then will sit with colleagues and friends to determine who to give the free sessions to – there has to be lots of people available who are too consumed helping other people that they often neglect themselves.”

To be in with a possibility of being given a free session, email with no more than 100 words as to why you deserve the help

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